Peco Exodus Web Declaration

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    I am a qualified electrician in the jurisdiction in which I am working and I currently meet all norms (training, licensing, certification and qualifications) required of a qualified electrician in the jurisdiction where I work.

    I am in compliance with all occupational health and safety laws in the jurisdiction where I am working.

    All of the tools and attire which I am using for this job are appropriate for this worksite; I have all the tools and attire required by the laws in the jurisdiction where I am currently working to operate or otherwise make use of the equipment for this job.

    The Tech Support I will be accessing is only intended for informational purposes only to assist me to diagnose the equipment; it is not intended to advise me how to do my work as an electrician and is not intended to be professional advice.

    I understand the Tech support may not see the equipment which I see as the User and therefore I agree to properly describe my environment when I speak with Tech Support.

    If I am unsure as to how to interpret, implement or apply any information given by Tech Support, I agree to consult another properly qualified electrician prior to doing so.