Commercial Electrical Contractor

    Peco Exodus Electrical and Controls is a creative, skilled company that can help with your commercial electrical solution needs. From electrical design and construction to temporary and standby power solutions to a variety of retrofits, including energy efficient solutions. PECO EXODUS can help create the desired solution you require.

    All customers have a specific style or idea of what they would like to see come to life in a project but need a design or innovative solution to make their project suit their needs. Peco Exodus Electrical and Controls  can provide thoughtful design ideas and detailed drawings to help find solutions for these projects. Our solutions are specific to our clients needs but can include:

      • Wiring Layouts and schematics
      • Cable Schedules
      • Custom Panel Layouts
      • Cable Termination Details
      • Material Lists
      • Arc Flash Study
      • Single Lines /System Load Analysis
    • EPLAN and/or AUTOCAD

    Commercial Electrical Building Construction

    Peco Exodus Electrical and Controls can provide services from demolition and renovation of existing structures to complete electrical installations on new buildings. Whether you require a small office or shop build or a large scale school, office or warehouse, PECO EXODUS is able to meet your requirements.

    Transformer Installations (low and medium voltage)

    PECO EXODUS is a certified vendor for utility transformer installation. Whether the installation requires overhead or underground installations, we can get the job done to CEC requirements. We can handle anything from 5 kVa to 750 kVa giving the customer a variety of options.

    Lighting System Installations (Indoor, Outdoor or Hazardous Locations)

    We have vast experience with lighting systems, from isolated low voltage lighting to line voltage lighting to cost saving LED lighting systems. If the project requires hazardous location equipment, PECO EXODUS can supply and install appropriate solutions as per CEC/CSA requirements.

    Installation Management / Supervision

    Our project management team is proficient at providing expertise and professionalism for a wide range of projects. Whether it is on a complete project or if you just want a project manager, we can supply personnel to accommodate the following:

      • Scheduling
      • Budgeting
      • Resource allocation
      • Cost Management
      • Risk Management
    • Communication

    Peco Exodus Electrical and Controls project specialists can perform reliable and efficient installation supervision of all your electrical power and control projects.

    UPS Systems

    From small scale office server backup to larger critical component backup, our goal is to find the best solution for your project. We understand how critical a loss of power can be to an electrical system and will help you design and implement a system that works for you.

    Temporary Generator Systems

    Our experienced staff will work with you to develop a temporary power system that works for your application. This can include installing back-up generators with automatic transfer switching equipment in a variety of sizes. From main distribution panels to sub-panels to lighting panels and transformers, we can provide it.

    Lighting System Design and Installation

    For our customers satisfaction we can create a lighting study for your specific project. This study can provide your project with the correct amount of lighting to abide by a specification or by code. With a lighting study we can determine what lights are best for your project for cost analysis and efficiency. Whether you are looking for lighting in an indoor, outdoor, or hazardous area we have all the solutions for you.

    LED Lighting Upgrades

    With the cost of energy today, everyone is trying to save on fixed costs. An LED lighting system can provide significant cost savings. We can design, procure, install and commission energy efficient lighting systems.

    Emergency Lighting

    There are a lot of old buildings out there, and some may need improvements to meet Egress. We can install new or retrofit the existing emergency lighting to meet Egress and bring your old building up to the current standards.


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