Industrial Electrical Contractor

    Peco Exodus Electrical and Controls is an Industrial Electrical Contractor and solutions based company. With so many different power and control systems available to the customer, PECO EXODUS has the ability to adapt and develop electrical industrial solutions to your needs. This is also the case when it comes to building equipment for overseas implementation.

    Our industrial expertise is not limited to Canadian installations. PECO has built equipment to NEC, Australian AS/NZ, European Directives both ATEX and IECEx, and offshore codes ABS and DNV.

    Electrical installations

    Electrical Installations – With many international clients Peco Exodus prides itself on complying with many codes and standards. We take pride in adhering to the following codes upon customer request:

    • Canadian Electrical Code (CEC)
    • National Electrical Code (NEC)
    • American Petroleum Institute (API)
    • EU Directive (ATEX)
    • International Electro technical Commission (IECEx)
    • Australian Standard (AS)
    • American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
    • Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
    • Det Norske Veritas and Germanischer Lloyd (DNV GL)

    Health and Safety always takes priority – Through a rigorous internal work safety program CORE and strict adherence to our clients’ PPE requirements we insure all jobs are done in a safe manner.

    • Electrical Hazardous Location installations
    • Transformer installations (low and medium voltage)
    • Power System and Generation System Installations/retrofits
    • Switchgear and MCC
    • VFD and SCR Systems
    • Building Construction/retrofits
    • Lighting Systems
    • Cable tray, Conduit and raceway Installations
    • CCTV Installations (Industrial /Commercial)
    • Radio/Communication System Installations
    • System Grounding

    Industrial Facility

    With 25 years of industrial experience in electrical and controls integration Peco Exodus has the design solutions needed to be a leader in the oil and gas sector. We have rich and varied experience in the industrial sector with power, controls and lighting CADD solutions. Our outputs are detailed to our clients needs but can include

    • Wiring Layouts and schematics
    • Cable Schedules
    • Custom Panel Layouts
    • Cable Termination Details
    • Material Lists
    • Arc Flash Study
    • Single Lines /System Load Analysis
    • EPLAN and/or AUTOCAD

    Drilling Rig

    Peco Exodus has a large range of design experience within the drilling industry. Our complete electrical and control system design will provide all requirements needed to build a safe, reliable drilling rig. Our outputs are detailed to our client needs but can include

    • Wiring Layouts and schematics
    • Cable Schedules
    • Plugboard details and drafting
    • Custom Panel Layouts
    • Cable Termination Details
    • Material Lists
    • Arc Flash Study
    • Single Lines /System Load Analysis
    • EPLAN and/or AUTOCAD

    Peco Exodus Electrical and Controls can take care of your process control needs as well. From small scale metering skids to metering stations or pumping stations, we have solutions that will exceed your needs.

    Our capabilities can range from:

    • Custom Instrument tubing installation
    • Control valve procurement, installation and commissioning
    • Metering equipment installation
    • HMI and PID control development
    • SCADA system development

    Peco Exodus can test, repair and commission various metering, calibrating, detection and scaling equipment.

    Installation Management/ Supervision

    Our project management team is proficient at providing expertise and professionalism for a wide range of projects.

    • Scheduling
    • Budgeting
    • Resource allocation
    • Cost Management
    • Risk Management
    • Communication

    Peco Exodus project specialist can perform installation supervision of all your electrical power and control projects.

    Material Procurement

    Peco Exodus provides procurement services around the world. Our project and parts team provide our clients comprehensive solutions for any electrical problem. Our procurement team has great relations several large electrical distributors across the world giving us a major competitive advantage.

    Peco Exodus Electrical and Controls has developed several different types of control systems. We take a lot of pride in developing specific control systems of what our customers want not what they can get. We sit down and design a system that works for you prior to construction. If something is not quite right after initial design we can adapt and make the changes necessary on the fly so that you get what you are comfortable with.

    Our systems are comprised of the following:

      • A robust, refined console. Joysticks, meters, touch screen monitors and more are tailored to the project’s specific needs.
      • A control panel with the latest PLC components. Peco Exodus’s PLC systems employ fiber communication for high speed data transfer; a ring network for redundancy and reliability to prevent down-time; modules for third party communication protocols like Ethernet, Profinet, Profibus, serial, etc. Not being limited by any specific manufacturer, these modules allow for a great degree of freedom to customize.
      • An HMI user interface for diagnostics and controls. By continuously logging data in real-time the HMI shows the user all feedback from the PLC network. Optional SCADA technology may also be employed.
    • Remote login services. Peco Exodus understands that for our clients a few short hours of down-time can result in catastrophic losses. We maintain our commitment to minimize that down-time by installing a remote login feature on each and every system. This allows the team at Peco Exodus to access the PLC from any computer in the world, letting us pinpoint the cause of the issue and generate temporary and permanent solutions for you.

    The easy to use console and HMI, our expertise in PLC programming, and a company-wide dedication to fail-safe technology distinguish our control system as the industry leader.

    SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Systems.

    The Peco Exodus technical department has developed several SCADA systems in the past. Effective SCADA systems can result in significant savings of time and money. At Peco Exodus we have utilized our knowledge of PLC systems and software to incorporate the SCADA systems with several applications such as:

      • Drilling Rig Controls
      • Water pump house control
      • Instrumentation control of gas plants and pumping stations
      • Troubleshooting device
      • Data display / Analyze Data
      • Incident tracking
    • Operation tracking

    Modern SCADA systems allow real-time data from the operation floor (gas plant or drilling rig) to be accessed from anywhere in the world. This access to real-time information allows businesses, and individuals to make data-driven decisions about how to improve their processes or how to find a solution to an existing problem. Without SCADA software, it would be extremely difficult if not impossible to gather sufficient data for consistently well-informed decisions.

    Peco Exodus has developed several ways to help your company make clear informed decisions with the help from a SCADA system. More information means less down time and more production.

    When it comes to integration, Peco Exodus Electrical and Controls is second to no one. Peco Exodus has worked with several companies to integrate their control system with Peco Exodus’s control system. This can be done with a newly developed system or can be integrated into an existing system. Our in house CSA approved panel shop can custom build any design required by our customer.

    AC Drives

    Peco Exodus’s integrated control system works with various AC drives. In the past we have worked with ABB, Siemens, OEM, Cutler Hammer and several more. With Peco Exodus’s Software knowledge we can precisely control drives to customer requests. Ramping motors, limiting power for blackout protection, safety interlocks and other intelligent solutions can be programmed into your system’s equipment.

    DC Drives

    DC drives are a thing of the past right? There may be less in service but DC drives continue to work diligently today in different capacities. Our staff is well trained in construction and troubleshooting of new and old SCR systems. “Why try to fix what isn’t broken?” Peco Exodus can automate your new or old SCR drive system with ease and expertise.

    Complete Generator Control Bays

    Using “easYgen” (TM), we provide generator control units which run your generators at maximum fuel efficiency. This synchronous generator system provides feedbacks of current, voltage and power outputs from individual generators.

    Engine Data

    With our user friendly HMI, all data can be pulled from virtually any generator ECM and can be displayed on the HMI screens. Often mechanics and third-party representatives need this data for preventative maintenance. Dropping fuel pressure, rising temperature, and ECM alarms can all be viewed on the HMI, allowing your team time to fix these issues before they cause equipment damage.

    Remote PLC Panels

    Panels that can be accessed from anywhere can be made to work for your application, whatever the main controller may be. At Peco we are experienced builders of PLC panels from many manufacturers including GE, Siemens, Allen Bradley, Wago, Modicon, and many more.

    Peco Exodus offers a 24/7 support consisting of technicians and electricians who will assists your business in any way possible. With dispatch services in Canada and USA we can also have a qualified personnel at your location in a timely fashion.

    • 24 hour electrical and control support
    • Remote software updates
    • Preventative Maintenance Plans
    • Field electrical construction

    Point to Point Pre-power tests

    With every system it has been our experience that point to point checks before power up is the best and easiest way to eliminate any issues that could arise during power up.

    Pre-power Equipment Checks

    All equipment is visually inspected before commissioning to prevent additional equipment failure or personnel injury

    Facility Startups

    When it comes to a Facility Startup, we will sit down with all parties involved and setup a starting procedure. We strive for safety and keep this in mind on every step of the project.

    Facility decommissioning

    When it comes to decommissioning our team will sit down with all parties involved and make the plan that work for you.

    Fully Documented Commissioning

    Prior to starting commissioning we always have a project plan. Our engineering team will create documents that are to be followed to insure everything is tested thoroughly and safely. We provide a full documentation package to our customer following the completion of the job so that the customer has a full list of each item installed and the step to completion.

    Peco Exodus Electrical and Controls operates a CSA approved panel shop capable of producing the required panel for all your electrical needs. We can also build them in accordance with other applicable standards to meet your requirements.

    Power Distribution Panels

    Our power distribution panels can include a variety of voltages, current ratings and layouts to suit your needs. We have dealt extensively with a variety of breakers, starters, relays, lock-outs, status identification, control switches and much more. Whether you need a small, compact panel for minimal control, or a large distribution project, we can customize it to suit your needs.

    Control Panels

    Peco Exodus has been designing various control panels for the past 15 years. We work with our customers to create a system that works for them and their application.

    One option for our customers is to have remote control panels. This will usually be a remote input/output panel that will communicate with a main processor on the network. The control panel can be used for feedbacks, or it can be a user control station for a local part of the system.

    The control chairs are a very popular option that we can provide. We will supply and integrate a custom chair for your application. It will work seamlessly with any other control system you require.

    Generator Control Cabinets

    Peco Exodus has provided hundreds of systems for monitoring and protecting generators.  We have interfaced with Caterpillar, Detroit and Cummins as well as integrating a highline so that the generators can load share with the utility.  Each system is custom designed and built to the customer’s specific needs and if integrated with a control system, a power limit can be designed to prevent blackouts.  We use the latest generator controls which allows for ease of interfacing to additional systems and our enclosure design allows for a main bus up to 5000 amp. This can easily be upgraded if required.  Being that each system is custom we can also add options like surge suppression, cold start feeders, multiple feed breakers and more.


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